Medical Assistance

Astrum Assistance Alliance AG's air ambulance providing medical assistance in the mountains

Collective strength

As medical assistance experts, our members provide bespoke assistance services to organisations and their clients across the globe. Managing the entire medical assistance process 24/7, 365 days a year, we provide emergency assistance to travellers of all nationalities, whatever their circumstances. The highest service levels and unprecedented client satisfaction rates are at the heart of our medical assistance provision.

Through continuous exchange, the Medical Network Group – a team of network experts from respective Astrum members – works to combine the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the individual members to provide a single comprehensive high-quality network at market leading prices.

The Group meets regularly to share knowledge, establish areas for enhancement, determine network quality standards, negotiate combined commercial terms with shared providers, complete market benchmarks, and establish strategies for cost reduction and audit approaches.We constantly challenge industry practices and standards from a position of strength and knowledge.

Together we take medical assistance to the next level.

What we do

Cost Containment

The Astrum Alliance offers a comprehensive cost containment solution to its clients. Through our members´ combined scale and experience we can offer our clients access to a comprehensive international network at the best possible prices, ensuring the best cost outcome on our cases whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

Our local offices across the globe and our in-house specialist negotiation and network teams give us the expertise required to maximise savings and continuously enhance terms and rates with both in and out of network providers.

Network knowledge

Thanks to our cooperation, each member may access the partner´s worldwide network, creating a list of about 100.000 service providers across the globe.

Individual contracts may be extended to the partners, reducing the individual burden of auditing for each company. Sharing network and market knowledge allows for a greater overview of an ever-changing field of business

Air Ambulance

Due to the large number of international cases across the globe, repatriations in all their forms within the Astrum network occur on a regular basis. Trustworthy and high-quality service providers are extremely important here.

By bundling volume, choosing and regularly auditing trusted service providers jointly, we were able to improve price and performance. In addition, we implement the idea of sustainability by actively looking for the possibility of patient pooling – data driven attempt to repatriate two individual patients at once

What People Are Saying

Medical Network Group

Though we face similar challenges across the globe the support, the approach may differ. This different point of view is often times invaluable.

Being part of the Medical Network Group means having access to the knowledge and experience of professionals from various countries