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Our Members at Astrum Assistance Alliance AG

Founded: 1993
Country: Italy

Blue Assistance is a service provider founded in 1993 by Reale Group, one of the main nationwide insurance entities. In a short time, Blue Assistance earned the trust of the extra-captive market and, for almost 30 years, has been helping insurance companies, banks, brokers, agencies and funds to develop suitable solutions in a wide range of assistance services.

The successful provision of assistance is in the company’s DNA and relies on an organization of highly skilled professionals, and cutting edge, multichannel and interacting technologies that work together seamlessly to provide an outstanding service.

Founded: 1993
Country: Poland

Built on sixty years of experience and tradition of The Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, SOS PZMOT in its current form offers its services since 1993. The company is a national leader in providing services to insurance companies and their clients. Thanks to important tenders of big insurance groups and sustainable relations with other important insurers, SOS PZMOT cooperates today with most of the big insurers operating on the Polish market.

The company has a complete range of assistance services at its disposal: medical, travel, home, road and legal as well as specialized information and concierge services. Each assistance program offered by SOS PZMOT is individually tailored in order to meet needs and expectations of its business partners and their customers. In addition SOS PZMOT offers solutions dedicated to insurance companies, aimed at supporting them in their front or back-office activities, like claims settlement (both in motor and property insurances), claim freeze services (full loss documentation) and claims registration 24/7.

Founded: 1973
Country: United Kingdom

For over 40 years, UK-based CEGA has been the outstanding independent assistance service behind leading brands in the travel insurance and corporate sectors.

We help travellers in all four corners of the world: thanks to our global network
of hospitals, agents and partner organisations. With 400 staff, including doctors, nurses, linguists, travel and repatriation specialists and cost containment teams, we manage every step of a medical emergency abroad: providing the highest quality patient care – 24/7.

CEGA’s travel assistance solutions are seamless. Our assistance operation is integrated with pre-travel and travel risk management, aero-medical and claims management provision: all available through a single call.

We ensure our customers are in safe hands.

Founded: 1982
Country: Netherlands

Eurocross Assistance was set-up in 1982 and currently is one of the leading assistance companies of the Netherlands. It provides “state-of-the-art” assistance services to the insured of a large number of health, travel and car insurance companies based both in the Netherlands and abroad. It also services a range of other corporate clients, such as insurance brokers, car leasing companies, automotive parties and private corporations deploying their staff abroad. For example, Eurocross is the proud medical assistance provider of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, servicing all Dutch embassy staff members stationed around the globe. It also assists the crews of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines while abroad.

The company, headquartered in Leiden, is part of the Netherlands based international insurance group, Achmea, and has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and Surinam.

The Eurocross Assistance centers provide 24h/7 personalized assistance services to travelling clients from various European countries in any circumstances of urgent need.
The high quality operational level of the organisation and its credibility and continuity are the main reasons why Eurocross Assistance is strongly appreciated by its international partners and network providers.

Eurocross Assistance is linked to Mideast Assistance, a license partner operating under Eurocross’ brand name in the Mediterranean, the Middle East regions and Africa.
In its activities, Eurocross Assistance is supported by Astrum Assistance Alliance and its powerful international network solutions.

Founded: 1992
Country: New Zealand

First Assistance (FA) is an independent emergency medical assistance company, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. FA operates it’s 24/7 365 Emergency Operations Centre from both New Zealand and Australia, staffed with case managers, nurses, doctors, travel agents, medical escorts, and assistance specialists to provide expert care to customers, anywhere in the world. FA is led by a senior leadership team who have amassed over 50 years of combined industry experience.

FA’s ‘always on’ technology stack is the third generation of proprietary, purpose-built case management and communication systems. It includes custom-built web applications, client portals, mobile apps, cross-platform analytics and automation. FA’s long-standing reputation and global network is extended through the Astrum Assistance Alliance.

Founded: 1995
Country: Spain

Linea Directa Asistencia is specialised in travel and roadside assistance. To ensure capabilities to help people in emergency situations Linea Directa Asistencia has developed a strong service orientation and commitment. We aim to help people and businesses by providing them with first class services to guarantee the satisfaction of their customers or end users under a competitive scheme.

Linea Directa has created other complementary services, such as vehicle repair management, vehicle inspections, damage surveys, vehicle transportation and more to provide a fully comprehensive solution for the insurance and motor industries.

We are part of Linea Directa Aseguradora, a Spanish company specialised in car, motorbike and home insurances, one of the top 5 insurance companies in the country and the market leader in direct insurance.
Comprised by a team of more than 200 people committed to this project and with our strong dedication to innovation, technology, quality and efficiency, we are confident that you will find in us a reliable partner capable to cater to your specific needs. We are always open to holding constructive discussions about new projects and ideas.

Founded: 1997
Country: Switzerland

Mobi24 Call-Service-Center Inc. was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Swiss Mobiliar Insurance in Bern, Switzerland. The main task of Mobi24 is providing assistance in the traditional sense, ranging from breakdown service and emergency repatriation for medical reasons, to alarm services.
The number of multilingual staff at Mobi24 has been constantly rising in line with the company’s success, at present comprising more than 120 people.

The company has a broad range of service providers both in Switzerland and abroad. Thanks to experienced, well trained and motivated employees, combined with a modern infrastructure and IT system, Mobi24 is able to provide a solution to nearly every problem in the field of assistance.

Founded: 1988
Country: Germany

ROLAND Assistance is the biggest independent assistance company in Germany and was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of ROLAND group and has its headquarters in Cologne. A market experience of 35 years, a turnover of around 51 million euro, and around 600 employees substantiate the success of ROLAND Assistance.

ROLAND is specialized in developing and implementing most individual solutions for B2B partners, especially for insurances, leasing companies and car manufacturers. But also partners from many other different branches rely on ROLAND’s expertise.

As a response to globalization and the increasing mobility of end customers, B2B customers ask for an international service partner. Therefore, ROLAND Assistance joined the Astrum network. Based on its membership, ROLAND is able to offer services in more than 200 countries worldwide by using its high quality partner networks.

Having a subsidiary in Italy, based in Brixen/Bressanone in South Tyrol, and maintaining a second office in Germany, based in Dresden, ROLAND is able to offer 24/7 services in many languages and to satisfy every customer need in the best possible way.

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Founded: 1999
Country: France

Set up in 1999, Save Assistance is a independent assistance company that offers worldwide assistance services to customers of corporate clients. The company, headquarted in Montigny-Le-Bretonneux, has a philosophy based on a strong customer focus combined with global processes led by the core values Quality, Efficiency and Adaptability.

Save Assistance’s expertise lies in its ability to maximize its resources, build customer loyalty and combine profitability with quality of service. Therefore, the company excels in motoring, healthcare, travel assistance and claims management for B2B clients such as Insurance, Assistance, Leasing companies, Transport companies and much more.

Thanks to an outstanding reputation for delivering bespoke and transparent services to its clients, Save Assistance became in 2007 the French 1st independent assistance company.

Founded: 1961
Country: Denmark

SOS International is the leading Nordic assistance company, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Finland and more than 20 local representative offices all over the world.
Since 1961 the company has provided service and assistance on behalf of 16 of the largest insurance companies in Scandinavia, which co-own SOS International.

Over 1200 employees, representing 30 nationalities and around 40 different languages, offer 24/7 medical and technical assistance to end-users all over the world. In addition, SOS International offers various products and services within tracking/monitoring, health care and crisis management.

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