Technical Assistance

A car in a winter landscape needs Technical Assistance

Assistance to travellers of all nationalities

Astrum Assistance Alliance brings together highly qualified partners for roadside assistance in Europe and Oceania and gives them the opportunity to combine forces, in terms of both operational volume and professional expertise. Astrum’s members have decades of experience in the technical assistance business providing at home and abroad services – tailor-made solutions in roadside assistance are combined with 24/7, 365 days a year response.

The Technical Network Group – a teams comprising of network experts from all Astrum members – meets regularly to ensure continuous development, both on a group and on an individual level, and to discuss trends, threats, and general changes in the market. Together, they find new assistance solutions that meet the changing market situation and the needs of our customers.
The group constantly aims to optimise the cooperation with the help of new communication means, digitisation as well as through regular meetings – virtual and on site.

Together, the network managers ensure that Astrum´s service promise is kept!

What we do

Network knowledge

To ensure that Astrum´s members can offer state of the art roadside assistance services internationally, the Network Group regularly exchanges on activities on major markets. Thanks to the exchange of know-how and information on needed infrastructure, new network solutions needed for e.g. bicycle assistance, e-vehicles, sustainable transport solutions

Joint process optimisation

Jointly, the group works to develop further communication channels (e.g. digital transmissions) both externally to the client as well as internally amongst themselves. By exchanging best practices the members can constantly benchmark their processes against market standards

Challenging standards

Thanks to our combined experience across different markets – both regionally as well as professionally – we constantly challenge ourselves to improve by sharing and collaborating in pilots, offering advice with new fields of business, and informing about market trends. Together, we face the challenges to come

What People Are Saying

Technical Network Group

We work together both in terms of knowledge exchange as well as operationally on a case basis. Constructive criticism and friendly conversations help us improve our work constantly.

Being able to discuss challenges with international peers is always a great chance to learn.